Common name House mouse Norway rat Roof rat
Scientific name Mus musculus L. Rattus norvegicus Berk. Rattus rattus L.
Body length 2.5-3.75in/65-95mm 6-11in/150-280mm 5-8in/130-200mm
Tail length ~3.75in/95mm 4-9in/100-230mm 6-9in/150-230mm
Adult weight 13-30g 340g-500g 150-250g
Juvenile weight 6-12g 40-300g 40-130g
Gestation period 18-21 days ~22 days ~23 days
Litter size 5-8 (average) up to 13 8-9 (average) up to 14 4-8
Breeding potential 6-10 litters 4-6 litters 3-4 litters
Weaning age ~21 days 20-29 days 28-35 days
Sexual maturity 6-10 weeks 8-12 weeks 12-16 weeks
Home range 6-30ft/2-10m can be 100ft+ 25-100ft/7.5-30m can be 500ft+ 25-100ft/7.5-30m can be 500ft+
Dispersal movements 30-300m up to 1.25mi/2km up to 4 miles/6.5km 50-500m up to 3 miles/4.8km
Lifespan 1-2 years 6 month-1 year (average) up to 3 years 5-18 months (average) up to 3 years
Daily food intake 2-4g 15-30g 7-15g
Daily water intake little-6ml 30-50ml 29-59ml