Do I have a mouse in my home?  This is a question we often hear from concerned homeowners who suspect they have a mouse infestation.  This article will point out the common signs of mouse infestation to help you figure out if you have an unwanted visitor in your home or business.



Droppings mice leave behind are one of the best ways to see I you have mouse activity in an area.  Mouse droppings are small and can be overlooked in a dark room or if you are not looking for them.  The best way to look for them is to use a flashlight and look around areas where you suspect you may have a mouse.  You are looking for small black droppings about the size of a grain of rice (Picture bellow).  If you see droppings of this size it is likely that you have a mouse or have had a mouse in the area.


Mice also like to make burrows in the ground along the edges of building foundations and rocks.  These burrows are generally about an inch in diameter and lead to underground tunnels where mice can nest and hide.  Please note that many other things can cause a burrow that looks similar to a mouse burrow so the presence of a burrow is just an indicator that you may have a problem.  If a burrow is found cover it with dirt and check it a few days later.  If the burrow has been reopened it is active and can be baited or set with traps.  Bellow are some common burrow examples.


The incisor teeth of all rodents are continually growing.  These incisors must be kept from growing to long so rodents gnaw on various materials to keep them worn down.  This gnawing leaves behind massive damage and can cause serious concerns for any homeowner property manager.  One of the most dangerous things rodents gnaw on is electrical lines.  The bare wires left behind from gnawing rodents can short out and cause a fire.  The presence of gnaw marks on materials is a good way to identify if you have a rodent problem.  Looks for marks similar to the pictures bellow to see if you have gnawing mice around.


If you have ever been involved with cleaning up a mouse or rat infested area you will almost certainly remember the distinct smell they can leave behind.  Each rodent species has a unique smell and can often be an indication of an infestation.