NIPCAM is on the road many nights of the year.  We always check hotel rooms for bed bugs before we turn in for the night and more than a few times we were glad we did.  You may be surprised to know that some of the more upscale rooms we stay in seem to be the ones with the most problems.  Follow these steps to help avoid being their next meal.

1.  If you are booking a hotel online read the reviews and check to see if there are any reports of bed bug problems.

2.  When you first arrive in the room place your luggage off the floor on luggage racks if available.  This will help keep any bed bugs from taking a trip home with you.   Now it’s time to be observant and check the room for bed bug signs.

3.  check the sheets, around the mattress seams, and any cracks in the bed frame for bed bugs or there signs.  These signs include bed bug spots (excrement) that are smaller than poppy seeds or blood spots. You may also see translucent light brown skins or, in the case of an infestation— live bugs.

Bed Bug Spots

Bed Bug Skins

Behind mattress guards are a favorite hangout spot for bed bugs….check here

Live bed bugs on a mattress

4. Check around any seams and cracks on the nightstand for the same signs.

5.  Check behind any hanging pictures especially along any seams in the frame.

6.  Check the corners of the room for any signs.

7.  If you find any signs of bedbugs don’t hesitate to tell the hotel management and request for a different room or possibly find a new hotel to spend the night at.