MGK Pyrocide 100 1 Percent Natural Pyrethrin 1 Gallon

1 Gallon of 1% Natural Pyrethrin. Pyrocide dual-synergized fogging concentrates provide both flushing action and quick knockdown of a wide range of pests. Pyrocide 100 is directly comparable to ULD® BP-100
  • Labeled for use in Food Processing and Stored Food Areas
  • Synergized with Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) and MGK 264
  • Effective and fast acting


Product Specifications

Signal Word Caution
Packaging Gallons
EPA Registration Number 1021-1424
Food Handling For use in food and non-food areas
Stability of Undiluted Product Stable
Stability of Diluted Product Agitation recommended; not required. If left undiluted in tank, agitate before reuse.
Appearance Clear, golden yellow liquid
Odor Slight sweet smell
Active Ingredients Pyrethrins, PBO, MGK 264
Flammability OSHA - combustible liquid
Mode of Action Sodium channel inhibitor - disrupts insect nervous system
Class of Chemistry Pyrethrins dual synergized with two insecticide synergists
Respirator Required Required
Mix or Dilute in Use undiluted or dilute in oil only (refined kerosenes as defined by CFR Title 21, 172.884)
Activity Flushing action and quick knockdown; kill on contact
Shelf Life 3 years or more when stored in original commercial packaging at room temperature


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