Cockroaches are one of the number one household pest and one of the hardest to kill. NIPCAM is here to help! We offer only the best cockroach control products that are recommended by our PhD. bug experts. Our seasoned staff has already done all the testing for you. You can be confident that these products will get the job done and keep pest from coming back.

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Roach Control

Cy-Kick CS

Broadband insecticide great for both...

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Cessco 7C Aerosol Insecticide

Cessco 7C is one of the best Pyrethrin...

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Pro Control Plus Total Release Aerosol

ProControl Plus Total Release Aerosol...

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Tengard 1.25gal 36 Percent Permethrin

Tengard SFR 1.25gal 36% Permethrin

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Advion Cockroach Gel Bait (Box of 4)

This cockroach bait is highly effective...

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Tempo SC Ultra-240 ml

Tempo provides fast knockdown and...

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