NIPCAM offers a variety of the best mite control products to help keep you facilities and animals productive. Our professional have already done the research for you and we only offer products that are proven to work.

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Mite Control

Durashield CS 20 Percent Dursban

Durashield CS 20% Dursban REQUIRES...

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Exponent Insecticide Synergist Quart

Exponent® Insecticide Synergist works...

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Permethrin 10 Percent Concentrate

32 oz. Permethrin 10% Concentrate

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Pro Control Plus Total Release Aerosol

ProControl Plus Total Release Aerosol...

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Pro Control Total Release Aerosol

ProControl Total Release Aerosol...

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Rabon 50 WP

Rabon® 50 WP is a water soluble powder...

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Tengard 1.25gal 36 Percent Permethrin

Tengard SFR 1.25gal 36% Permethrin

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