QuickBayt Spot Spray 1lb

QuickBayt Spot Spray 1lb

QuickBayt Spot Spray can be transformed into a fly-free zone. QuickBayt Spot HouseFlySpray povides powerful fly control where it is needed most, treating places conventional granular baits can't reach.


QuickBayt fly-control products:

  • - Ideal for poultry houses, dairy barns, swine facilities, feedlots and horse stables
  • - Feature the proven active ingredient imidacloprid
  • Flexible
    • Can be sprayed on a variety of surfaces that do not come into contact with animals, such as walls, posts, beams and ceilings
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors
    • Dries virtually clear on most surfaces

  • Powerful
    • Starts killing in less than 60 seconds1
    • Contains imidacloprid, the same active ingredient as QuickBayt Fly Bait
    • Contains a flavoring agent flies can’t resist

  • Long Lasting
    • One application provides control for up to six weeks indoors and up to two weeks outdoors
  • Simple and Easy to Use
    • Easy to apply. Just mix and spot-spray problem areas
    • One gal of finished spray will treat 1,000 sq ft of fly- resting surfaces
    • For best results, make a number of spot sprays throughout the facility (the whole area doesn’t need to be treated)

    Active Ingredient: 10% Imidacloprid, 0.1% Z-9 Tricosene
    Target pests: Nuisance flies; House flies
    Application: Refer to label below
    Pet safe: Do not apply to areas accessible to children and pets
    Label: cy-kick cs label
    MSDS: cy-kick cs msds


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