balEnce 15oz

A naturally occurring, environmentally friendly fungus that specifically targets flies.

*   has no harsh chemicals and is safe for humans, animals and
beneficial insects.
*   is designed to be an integral part of your Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) program. 
*   is approved for sale by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency of
Health Canada.
*   is economical.

*   Flies die in 36 hours to five days depending on exposure and
*   balEnce(tm) residual stays on surfaces for more than 21 days.
*   balEnce(tm) is an insect specific pathogen and has no impact on
mammals or other beneficial insects.
*   As the flies die, other beneficial insects take over their natural
role of killing the fly population at the egg, larval and pupae stages. 
*   Once control is gained, treat only as needed, the beneficial insects
will do the rest ─   balEnce(tm) is very economical to use.
*   The manure and the poultry house are chemical free ─ in fact, many
producers have been able to sell their manure at a premium because it is
pesticide free!


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