Ravap EC 1 Gallon

Ravap EC 1 Gallon

Ravap EC 1 Gallon. Ravap® E.C. Insecticide
Spray contains Rabon® and
Vapona® insecticides.
Active ingredients
are 23% tetrachlorvinphos,
5.3% dichlorvos, related
compounds, other

Features: Mixes easily with water for spray applications. Use with any approved back
rub base oil. Controls horn flies, lice, Lone Star ticks on beef and dairy cattle. Aids in control of face flies on cattle.

Controls lice, mites, fowl
ticks on poultry.

Controls flies and maggots.


  • Fast-acting.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Convenient-to-apply as
  • spray on animals or on
  • premises, or in back rubs.


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