Pro Control Plus Total Release Aerosol

ProControl Plus Total Release Aerosol Insecticide combines natural pyrethrin with cyfluthrin for quick knockdown with long lasting results.


Pro-Control Plus is a total release aerosol fogger that is ideal for space treatments.  This 6 oz. aerosol can treat 5,000 cubic feet and provides both a quick kill and residual control.  Since this product contains cyfluthrin a residual pesticide, it should not be used in common living areas, food processing areas, or near kitchens.  If you are looking for a similar product to use in kitchens and restaurants try Pro Control Total Release.


-Combines the knockdown of pyrethrins with the residual activity of cyfluthrin

-Ideal for space treatments in facilities where food handling is not a concern

-Convenient, easy-to-use and effective against a wide variety of pests

-Cold sensitive; must be used at room temperature

-Stay out of the room for 2 hours after the fogger is activated

-Shake well before using

-USDA approved


Active Ingredient: 0.5% Natural Pyrethrin, 0.1% Cyfluthrin
Target pests: All types of household and commercial pests including ants, bed bugs, roaches, spiders, earwigs, crickets, centipedes, beetles, and more.
Application: 6 oz. fogs/treats approx. 5,000 cubic feet of unobstructed space (25' x 25' x 8') More Application info.
Pet safe: Pets should be kept out of the room for at least two hours after the can has been activated.
Label: cy-kick cs label
MSDS: cy-kick cs msds



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