NIPCAM has developed a special combination of technical advice, formal pest management programs (including all forms and SOPs), and pest management material sales. Our personnel tailor systems so that they satisfy even the most stringent protocols and company requirements. Our sampling and monitoring plans are designed to properly complement the current emphasis on environmentally-sensitive approaches to pest management. NIPCAM has particularly strong experience in:

  • Termite litigation.
  • Pest Management Programs for livestock and poultry.
  • HACCP, GMP, BMP and Waste Management Programs.

Professional pest management programs can be implemented in homes, warehouses, manufacturing areas, processing areas, clean rooms, nursing homes, hospitals, and facilities for poultry production and processing, livestock production and processing, dairies, swine, horses, and pets. These programs are individually written for each client so that preferences for specific pest management techniques, such as the use of parasite, predators or other ‘natural’ controls, are integrated into a holistic approach to control of problem organisms.

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With concentrated expertise in the management of:

  • Rats and mice in poultry and livestock operations.
  • Pest Management: Dairy cattle, Horses, Dogs Kennels
  • House flies, darkling beetles, roaches and other insect pests associated with animal husbandry.
  • Fowl mites, livestock mites, and dust mites.Microbes (such as E.coli and Salmonella species) in both agricultural and domestic settings.
  • Do it yourself pest control products.


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