How do you place and set a mouse trap?

How do you set a mouse trap?

Placement of a trap is crucial in your chances of success when trying to trap any animal, especially a mouse.  To trap the animal we need to find when there animal is most active and areas where it travels frequently.  In help with finding this information please refer to the article on Signs of Mouse Activity.

Trap Placement: 

Place traps along a wall with the trigger or entrance to the trap on the side of the trap directly against the wall.  This techniques works because mice and all rodents are more likely to travel along the edges of a room before they travel through the center.  Movement along the edges of rooms makes a rodent feel less vulnerable because it only has to watch for predators on one side of its body and can often escape into a hole in the wall or up a corner.  These pictures show examples of both proper and improper trap placement.

Correct Placement
 Incorrect Placement


Place traps along walls with the trigger or entrance on the side closest to the wall



Do not place a trap where one end is covered or sight through the tap is blocked

 Placing your traps by following the guidelines above will greatly increase your chances of success.  For trapping mice in your home we recommend using either the Trapper T-Rex snap trap or the Pro-Ketch Mouse Trap.

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