When and How to Apply Extinguish Plus fire ant bait

When do you Apply Fire Ant Bait?
How do you Apply Fire Ant Bait?

 Spring is here and several of our customers have requested a fire ant control program that they can use at their properties. The following are our recommendations for a sound fire ant control program with Extinguish Plus.  These are directions on when and how to apply Extinguish Plus fire ant bait:


1.    Fire ants have to eat Extinguish Plus for it to be effective.  Therefore, before treating any mounds, place a fresh potato chip on top of a mound.  If it is too cold for the ants to eat the potato chip, wait until the ground temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit and try another potato chip.  If the ants begin to eat the potato chip, then it is time to treat the mounds.

2.    Treat individual mounds by sprinkling two to five tablespoons of Extinguish Plus around the perimeter of the undisturbed mound. If you disturb the mound, the ants will rapidly move the queen from the mound and good control will not be achieved as quickly.

3.    Extinguish Plus can be distributed over large areas such as pastures and fields at the rate of one to two pounds per acre.  Do not treat an area more than twice in each year.  Any type of fertilizer spreader or duster can be used to spread Extinguish Plus.

4.    Extinguish Plus can be mixed with seed or dry fertilizer and applied in a spreader to pastures and other large areas.  Do not apply more than one to two pounds of Extinguish Plus per acre.

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