Moving Tape House Fly Monitoring Procedure

Moving Tape House Fly Monitoring Standard Operating Procedure

For Poultry Egg Layer Operations


SOP No.:  20-14house_fly_monitoring_sticky_tape.JPG

Title:  Monitoring House Fly Populations Using Moving Tape Counts

Date:  January 1, 2006


Maxcy P. Nolan, III, Ph.D., Robert A. White, Jr., Ph.D., and Alvaro Villaveces

NIPCAM, P.O. Box 28, Watkinsville, GA 30677; 706-769-9824; FAX 706-769-0096.

Objective:  To specify the activities required for the proper use of the moving tape fly counting system for monitoring house fly populations.

Materials:  Sticky tape strip

Forms:  Record form 1101-1.


Moving Tape Fly Count Procedure


1.     One commercial sticky bug and fly ribbon tape should be unwound so that it hangs fully extended.


2.     The person performing the counts should hold the tape beside them so that it is hanging about waist high.


3.     Holding the tape in this manner, the counter should walk down the row next to the outside row (not the outside row itself) at a normal walking pace.


4.     Upon reaching the opposite end of the house, the counter should proceed to the other side of the same house and walk down the row on that side next to the outside row at a normal walking pace.


5.     Upon completing this walk, the counter should count the number of houseflies (count all house fly type flies) on each side of the tape.


6.     Control measures should be initiated if the total houseflies on one tape number more than 70 house flies.  This number may be increased to 100 if the house has a large percentage of the dark colored dump flies (above 25%) compared to houseflies or if the egg layer house is fairly remote (1 mile or more from the nearest residence).  The threshold number may be decreased to 50 if the house is close to residences.


7.     Record the number of flies on form 1101-1.  It is important to fill out this form since it establishes that a fly monitoring program is in place and it records the fly population level over time.


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