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Nolan Integrated Pest Control And Management (NIPCAM), as it exists today, is the result of the collaboration of two trained entomologists, Maxcy P. Nolan, III, PhD and Mr. Alvaro Villaveces.  In addition to them, Maxcy P. Nolan, Jr., PhD, Maxcy P. Nolan IV, PhD, and Sean P. Nolan, PhD all serve as consultants and collaborators with the NIPCAM team.  Mrs. Linda Pollard handles office duties at NIPCAM.  Each of these individuals has their area of specialization and accomplishment.

Dr. Maxcy P. Nolan, III received his B.S. degree from the University of Georgia and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Clemson University, all in Entomology.  He is a recognized expert in pest management for the poultry industry.  In addition, he has proven technical expertise in all aspects of termite litigation, including inspections, termiticide sampling and identification, and testimony.  His 20+ years of work in poultry and livestock insect management have established him as a proven expert in these fields.  As a certified HACCP inspector, he has developed a program for poultry and livestock producers that allows them to tailor both HACCP and IPM to their individual operation with a minimum of expense and a maximum of benefit.  His professional connections within the pesticide industry and government regulatory personnel have helped to ensure that his advice is up-to-date and correct from both industry and regulatory viewpoints.  His knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge has placed him in demand for presentations on IPM and HACCP, especially within the poultry and livestock farming communities.

Mr. Alvaro Villaveces received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Entomology from the University of Georgia.  Originally from Colombia, South America, Mr. Villaveces is an entomologist with additional specialization in Computer Programming and in Organic Chemistry.  Working with a noted pesticide chemist during his Masters degree, Mr. Villaveces developed tremendous expertise in insecticide delivery systems and pesticide application in general.  Coupling these strengths with his bilingual (he is fluent in both English and Spanish) speaking abilities, he is able to effectively present the NIPCAM approach to HACCP and IPM to a wide variety of audiences.  Using his extensive knowledge of pest management and his computer programming abilities Mr. Villaveces has worked to establish NIPCAM as a leader in tailoring HACCP-IPM programs to poultry and porcine farming complexes.  In addition, through his academic work in pesticide chemistry, he has developed an extensive familiarity with insecticide analysis, field sampling and toxicity, especially as related to termiticide work.  As a result of this work he and Dr. Nolan often work together on termite litigation projects since they both have 20+ years of background in this field.

Dr. Maxcy P. Nolan, Jr. completed his undergraduate work at Clemson University and his doctorate in Entomology at the University of Georgia.  During a career that has spanned 40-odd years he has been recognized as a noted military entomologist specializing in mosquito control and abatement and an Extension Professor of Entomology specializing in livestock and poultry pest management.  Following his retirement from the Army Reserves and, after 35 years, from the University of Georgia Entomological Extension Service, Dr. Nolan has begun working actively with NIPCAM as an outside consultant.  His familiarity and expertise in both cattle and poultry management help to give NIPCAM an additional level of depth in handling questions in these areas.  Since his career has spanned a period of remarkable developments in the pest management industry (both in chemical and environmental control), he is uniquely qualified to solve a wide variety of problem situations.  In addition, he is an experienced and effective speaker, having taught University-level courses and presenting specialized topics at invited lectures, dinners and informal meetings with growers, integrators, business leaders and government experts.  Through his military and university experience Dr. Nolan has developed the ability to accurately visualize even the most difficult pest control situations, develop a comprehensive plan to solve whatever problems may be present, and set up a program for long-term pest management.  With these abilities, he is available for consulting with all NIPCAM clients.

Maxcy P. Nolan IV (Brett), PhD earned his first two degrees from Clemson University: Bachelors in Wildlife Biology and a Master’s in Entomology.  He continued his studies at the University of Georgia where he received his doctorate in Entomology studying honey bees and pest problems associated with them.  He has been involved in the pest management field from an early age and has studied many of the ecological factors associated with pest problems.

Sean P. Nolan, PhD Completed his doctorate in animal and veterinary sciences (Rodentology) at Clemson University.  Sean is the wildlife specialist on the team with a concentrated knowledge on wildlife damage management and rodent control.  Involved in the pest management field throughout his entire working career (over 15 years).  Apart from broad wildlife and rodent control expertise Sean also has a strong entomology background centered around arthropod control and termite litigation investigation.

Our Mission
To provide our customers with quality products and innovative services, enabling them to improve production outcomes, develop markets and become increasingly profitable. To achieve a cost-to-serve competitive advantage through the utilization of technology, process improvement and scale. To develop long-term strategic relationships with select manufacturers, while growing our proprietary–brand products where appropriate. To build our company through the efficient utilization of capital resources, while providing superior shareholder returns.

Our Values
Service to our customers is our primary duty and the most vital component to our success. People are our most important resource. Investing in training and development, and expanding one’s opportunities, while treating all people with dignity and respect, is the cornerstone of our organization.

Honesty and integrity in both our words and actions are central to building and keeping trust. We work as one, embrace responsibility and maintain a focused effort. Both our success and setbacks are shared by all. Innovation, creativity and willingness to take risks foster our continuous improvement. Citizenship to our communities, industry and our company requires us to respect our resources, giving more than we take.



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