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NIPCAM is your source for professional pest control products and pest control help and knowledge.  We have a variety of the best pest control products to help you get rid of your pest problem.  There is so much false information on pest control around the Internet and so many products to choose from it can leave anyone frustrated and confused. We are here to help.  We have done the testing for you and have been in the field researching and trying new techniques for over 50 years.  We don't offer hundreds of products for the same problem, or try to confuse or customers, we just offer products that work and the knowledge to use them correctly.  Our products have been tested and are recommended by our Ph.D. experts in the pest control field.  You can rest assured that the products and information on this site will help you eliminate your pest problems quickly, effectively, and safely.test



Pest Control Products




Ant Killer


Professional Ant Control Products including baits, sprays, and arenas

Bed Bugs

Professional Bed Bug Control Products that are recommended to work the best by our experts

Cockroach Killer


Professional Cockroach Control Products including gels, baits, and sprays

Pest Control Products

Darkling Beetle

NIPCAM offers unrivaled experience when it comes to treating darkling beetles.  We carry a variety of the best darkling beetle control products available today.

Pest Products


Quality disinfectants are a must in every disease prevention program.

Get Rid of Flies


NIPCAM developed and continues to perfect the best house fly control programs in use today.  We offer a variety of fly control products that will fit into a rotation to help you gain back control.

Get Rid of Mice


Rodent control and rodent monitoring is essential in disease prevention and cleanliness, not to mention damage they can cause to foundations and structures.  We have a variety of rodent control products to help you monitor and eliminate rodent populations.

Getting Rid Of Spiders


Spiders are perhaps the most frighting to people of all pest.  Not to mention the mess cobwebs can create.  These spider control products get rid of spiders and keep them gone.

Pest Control Products

Sprayers and Equipment

Through the years NIPCAM has tested and developed a wide range of sprayers and equipment for the pest control industry.  These products work well and are built to last.

Get Rid of Flies

Wasp and Hornets

Wasp and Hornets can sting and ruin anyone's day.  These wasp and hornet control products will get rid of wasp fast and keep them from returning.  These sprays also offer quick knockdown to keep the applicator safe.

Water Soluble Pest Products

Water Solubles and Vitamins

These products help keep your livestock healthy and productive.


Weed Control and Herbicides

Weed control is crucial in many pest management plans.  Our Professional herbicides work well and are recommended by our experts.





NIPCAM Pest Control

NIPCAM is comprised of some of the top minds and talents in the pest control industry.  With three Ph.D. entomologist, a pesticide formulation chemist, and wildlife biologist on staff we have both the experience and knowledge to help you solve the most demanding pest problem.  We have put this knowledge to use and have created this website to help inform the public on the best possible products and information available to treat pest problems.  This website is a work in progress and we hope to continue adding articles that will help any willing person do their own pest control around the home, business, or property.  Almost all pest control products you see on this site have been tested and recommended by our seasoned Ph.D. experts.  We only offer professional grade products that work at a great price!!

If you have any question please contact us and we will get back with you ASAP



NIPCAM also offers:

Pest Control Consulting Services Including:

House Fly Reduction Programs

Darkling Beetle Control Programs

Rodent Control and Monitoring Programs

Wild Bird Control

Salmonella and Disease Reduction Programs

Nuisance Wildlife Control

Termite Litigation

Poultry Pest Control Programs (Broiler, Breeder, Layer, Pullet etc.)

Dairy Pest Control Programs

Swine Pest Control Programs

Beef Cattle Pest Control Programs

Nutrient Management and Composting Programs

and more.......



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